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How Do You Use Your Mail-Order Benefits from Medco?


Refill a prescription (at least 2 weeks before your prescription runs out)...


Order a new prescription when you are out of refills...Give the fax form (which is enclosed with your prescriptions) to your doctor to fax to Medco. Ask your doctor for the maximum supply allowed by your plan through mail order (usually 90 days) with refills for up to (1) year.


Ask questions about mail order or your medications...


Medco Specialist Pharmacists are available 24/7


Call 1 800-473-3455


Stretch your mail-order payments over (3) months, call Medco request the Extended Payment Program 1 800-841-3044.

To visit Medco on-line click the link below:

*Savings are based on an analysis of program transactions between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2009, for the 200 prescription drugs most commonly purchased by program participants compared to the cost network retail pharmacies reported charging individuals with no prescription discount program.


†Based on total number of chain and independent retail pharmacies in the Medco Rx Discount Program December 2009 compared with the total number of chain and independent pharmacies in the United States estimated by Medco.